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Obese man

CDC: Obesity Increases Risk of 40% of Cancers

Roughly 40 percent of all cancers in the United States are connected with excess weight according to American health officials. 71% of Americans are...

Belle Gibson, BS Nutrition Blogger Busted for Scamming Followers with Fake Brain Cancer

And it gets worse than that. Much Worse. It seems that the most reliable way to make a quick buck these days over social media...

EU Scientists Blast Homeopathy and Alternative Medicine

“There cannot be two kinds of medicine—conventional and alternative. There is only medicine that has been adequately tested and medicine that has not... ” The...

That Time When an AIDS Conspiracy Magazine Went Out of Business Because the Employees...

The universe may be indifferent to Human suffering, but it's also unforgiving of Human stupidity...at least it used to be. Modern medicine has done wonders...
Alex Jones' Stupid Face

Alex Jones Supplements Are Bullshit

In other news, water: wet, frog sexuality: undetermined. Following John Oliver's segment about Alex Jones and his ridiculous-yet-dangerous nonsense, a hero at Buzzfeed named Charlie...
Solar Eclipse Glasses

Don’t Get Burned by BS “Eclipse Glasses”

The solar eclipse is happening August 21st and people are cashing in... at the expense of your eyeballs. Without proper eye wear, you can...

NHS to Stop Paying for Homeopathy

It's funny how running out of money prioritizes things that actually work. The cash-strapped UK's National Health Service is looking to save £250m a year,...
Steve Jobs iCasket

Bullshit Killed Steve Jobs

Instead of pursuing conventional treatment for his uniquely survivable form of cancer, Steve Jobs pursued "alternative" treatments, and had an alternative outcome: death.

Joe Rogan and SciBabe Team Up to Call BS on Chiropractic Pseudomedicine

Train by day, call BS by night... all day. Over the years, Joe Rogan's podcast has seen its share of bullshit, and not just by...