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Qui custodiet ipsos idiotae? Nullius in fvcking verba.

In the “wild west” days of the Internet back in 2002, a handful of disgruntled jerks came together to create an open platform where people could call out bullshit without fear of censorship, reprisal, or interference on the part of the editorial staff. Those folks were predominately Martial Artists, consequently, the bullshit they called out primarily involved the Martial Arts: things like “chi” and no-touch knockouts, magic ninja powers, ridiculously ineffective fighting techniques and training practices.

In a few short years the number of members had grown to well over a hundred thousand, and Bullshido’s “no holds barred” approach to evidence-based discussion had created its own unique culture; both on, and off the Internet. While members sparred full-contact with their ideas on the forums, they also held in-person meetups around the world to spar full contact with their fists.

2006’s Throwdown in Kansas City

Starting around 2008, the increasing popularity of the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, along with our efforts to popularize both it, and the message of what real fighting looks like to the broader public in order to help people not get scammed, made it apparent that the tide was turning and we could expand our focus on a broader range of issues. And while many of Bullshido’s contributors are still Martial Artists in one form or another, we’ve also been joined by members whose expertise is purely academic, or wholly unrelated to things that involve punching people.

Former Bullshido forum moderator and sponsored fighter Joe Lauzon winning his UFC debut against Jens Pulver

As the years went on, the sense of urgency for addressing bullshit increased. The advent of smartphones meant that the Internet was more accessible by people, many of which were wholly unaware of the concept of critical thinking and the need for fact checking. Fake news went from being an annoyance, to a dire threat as the mean level of education dropped; stupidity had been weaponized.

David Wolfe and Food Babe
These people make their living taking advantage of scientific illiteracy and general stupidity

This is the battle we fight today, and we invite you to be a part of it. Sharpen your shovel, and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us on the last line of defense against the forces that would tear down civilization. If you think we’re overstating the threat, you’re underestimating the consequences of standing by and expecting other people will do something about it.

You are those people.

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