Cult Researcher Sarah Steel References Bullshido in her Recent Book

Editor’s note: Hat tip to old school Bullshido forums member JKDChick for bringing this to our attention!

Author and podcast host Sarah Steel

In her painstakingly-researched 2022 book, “Do As I Say: How cults control, why we join them, and what they teach us about bullying, abuse and coercion”, Sarah Steel highlights the disturbing similarities shared by both the most obscure and the most prominent cults operating today, to help readers understand what it is about people that makes some vulnerable to cult influences.

In the section on Martial Arts and Fitness, Steel highlights the work done by various forums members on addressing cults within—oddly enough—the world of fitness and martial arts, in particular, efforts on outing the insidious martial arts cult Chung Moo Quan.

Steel’s work on exposing cults is centered on her brilliantly-named podcast, “Let’s Talk About Sects”, which goes deep into some of the most obscure cults you’ve never heard of and some of the wildest stories to come out from them.

You can pick up “Do As I Say…”, of course, at everyone’s favorite bald space oligarch’s online shopping website, and for those of you who don’t have the luxury or attention spans for sitting down and actually reading things, there is also an audiobook version available on Audible (which is now, also owned by our favorite bald space oligarch).

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“Do As I Say” on Amazon (Affiliate link, all $0.0001 proceeds go to our nonprofit organization)

Let’s Talk About Sects podcast on Apple Podcasts

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