Have you ever thought about getting into comics? Well comic shop owner, writer, and combat veteran Steve Mix comes on the podcast to answer questions about where to start, the best new series out now, and the influence the medium has on the broader culture.

In rough order we discuss:

  • “Comicsgate” vs. Social Justice Warriors
  • Hypersexualization of comics
  • The ridiculous “CW-verse” including Legends of Tomorrow
  • Phrost ruining the audio by insisting everyone watch a clip from Legends of Tomorrow where they all turn into a giant furry muppet to fight Satan or something
  • Steve’s recommendation for new comics
  • Where to start reading for people new to the hobby
  • The government of China being an asshole
  • Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman having a big donkey ass
  • And Steve tells us some sitcom-worthy stories of running a comic shop.

As promised, for reference, here’s a picture of MBS and his big donk. Don’t bonesaw us bro.

Instead of a banana we’re using the world’s richest man, for scale

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