Fight BS: Write for Bullshido!

Bullshido is a community-driven effort that relies on subject matter experts like you, to call out the BS that spills onto the Internet and into the heads of unsuspecting people; a phenomenon that–we can’t even overstate–does untold damage to individuals and society as a whole.


Our submission criteria are simple, aside from correct grammar and spelling, pieces must be:

  1. Evidence-Based: assertions and claims must be sourced and cited by links.
  2. Scientifically-valid: we realize that some research operates on the fringes of science, but avoid falling into the trap of overhyping or misrepresenting incremental discoveries; ie. “X Cures Cancer”.
  3. Non-Douchey: this is our catch-all for things like Unironic Clickbait (not used as a humor device), overuse of profanity (we don’t care if you drop F-bombs, but they should be precision-guided munitions rather than carpet bombing), racism, sexism, or any other ismism.
  4. Keep it Fucking Classy: another catch-all that should be self-explanatory. Bullshido is not TheChive, 9gag, or WorldStar.
  5. Of educational value to the public: informing the public is the primary goal here, so whatever you write should be done with that end in mind.
  6. Deadly Serious, Funny, or Both: if you write like a set of 1985 VCR instructions, we’re sure there’s a site for that (this isn’t it).
  7. Non-Commercial – unless you’ve been given specific permission to promote a product because a.) we like both it and you and it/you have passed our sniff test, or b.) you’re paying us (which still requires “option a”), don’t submit something.
  8. Whatever else we didn’t think of would go here – seriously, we pay the bills, we reserve all rights to editorial decisions. It shouldn’t be necessary to say this, but the Internet is filled with idiots, hence why we’re here in the first place.

How to Submit an Article

The first article or two you contribute to the site should be emailed directly to, in text format –no MSWord/etc documents. PDFs are fine (if you’re either a weirdo or an attorney), especially as a guide to layout as long as you include any images as separate attachments. Include a statement with your credentials and links to reasonably verify them.