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Does your username suck? Do people make fun of you for having some crappy, AOL-inspired handle like "PaisleyNinja59902" or a cornball martial arts concept gone wrong such as "BeLikeWaterAIKIDO"?

Well now there's hope!

Bullshido is now offering you the ability to change your username, for a low, low cost of $10 ($5 for Supporting Members, and free for Sponsors*).

"But didn't you change usernames before, for free?"

Yep, but it's a major pain in the ass and we've got bills to pay yo. Not to mention that you shouldn't be able to escape the infamy of shitty posts for free.

So if you're hankerin for a new identity, click one of the links below*.

Regular Members Click Below

Current Username
New Username

Supporting Members Click Below

Current Username
New Username

*Please note that if you're not a Supporting Member and click the Supporting Member link, we will take your money and change your username to something like "TheHappyFairyPrincess" and laugh at you for several days because of your lack of reading comprehension. Sponsor-level members (gold tag) can change their usernames for free but are limited to one name change a month because seriously, it's kind of a pain in the ass for us.


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