43 Dungeons and Dragons and Viruses

Of all the podcasts we’ve done, this one definitely went the furthest off the rails. Dr. Jason Goldsmith (MD, PhD) and attorney Dante Bradley, join us to discuss the massive drama and BS in the… *checks notes* world of Dungeons and Dragons.

For those of you who haven’t heard about D&D since the 80’s, the game has grown in popularity to ridiculous levels in the past decade with hundreds of podcasts, several live streams like Critical Role with millions of weekly followers, pop culture references in shows like Stranger Things, and a big budget movie staring Chris Pine. In the middle of all this, the parent companies that makes the official game, Wizards of the Coast (owned by Hasbro), attempted to milk that cash cow a bit too hard, triggering the biggest nerd meltdown since Gamergate.

This meltdown and the reasons behind it are what we actually do discuss for the first part of this episode before derailing into the latest on the subject of vaccines, boosters, pandemics, and the endless BS coming from every direction on that topic as well, because we fuckin’ do what we want around here.



  • Dr. Jason Goldsmith (MD, PhD, WRX STi) @SifuJason
  • Attorney Dante Bradley


Washington Post: The OGL Controversy Explained

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Bullshido News
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