No Reasonable Person Would Believe What Alex Jones Says, say Alex Jones’ Attorneys

Leonard Pozner is the father of a six year old named Noah. Noah was murdered in his classroom in 2012. Lucy Richards is a follower of Alex Jones. Leonard and his wife had to seek police help to stop Lucy from sending them repeated death threats because Alex Jones accused them of being “crisis actors”.

Lucy was sentenced to five months in prison. Noah’s mom and dad are now suing Alex Jones over the lies that prompted Lucy to attack his grieving parents.

Leonard Pozner and his murdered son Noah
Leonard Pozner and his murdered son Noah

Choosing your own reality these days is like selecting your lunch from the dollar menu of a fast food restaurant. When people have either weak critical thinking skills or weak willpower, they’ll almost always default to the most gratifying, least healthy things to shovel into themselves.

The lawsuit in this case, involves a specific claim that their interview with Anderson Cooper was faked, due to a graphics glitch that appeared during the broadcast. Latching on to tiny details and expanding them into broad conspiracies is Jones’ M.O., and his millions of followers who consider him not only a legitimate media outlet, but one of the few that actually tells the truth of what’s really going on, not only latch onto these conspiracy theories, but take violent action in the real world based on them.

In response to the suit, Jones’ attorneys argue that “no reasonable reader or listener would interpret Mr. Jones’ statements regarding the possibility of a ‘blue-screen’ being used as a verifiably false statement of fact, and even if it is verifiable as false, the entire context in which it was made discloses that the statements are mere opinions ‘masquerading as a fact.”

Recently, Jones defended himself in a custody battle by admitting his outrageous claims and unhinged conspiracies were all an act. This has done nothing to deter his followers, who seem to have no issue with lies as long as the lies involve things they want to believe are true.

When you cram junk food into yourself, you typically only harm yourself. Fortunately, there aren’t emotionally-unhinged people with grandiose delusions shooting up pizza places over their lack of willpower to seek better dietary options. The same can’t be said for media options.

Noah Ponzer's sister, at his grave
Noah Ponzer’s sister, at his grave


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