Microaggressions and Nematodes: The Scientific Worm Community Goes Karen Over a Joke

Save your face by sitting on your palms while reading this. Scroll with your feet or something.

Here’s what we’re going to do: at the bottom of this article will be the tweet that everyone got upset about. But before we get there we will bask in the warm glow of the angry replies to it. And when we’re done we’ll let you decide if there really is a monster at the end of this book.

“It’s an obscure reference, but it checks out Sir.”

Here we go, in no particular order (because it doesn’t matter and time is a social construct and we’re not putting much effort into this ridiculousness):

Oh wow it must be serious if you’re reconsidering submitting your research article over a joke. How dare he?
For shame!
(Literal) white knight shows up…

The topic of discussion:

C. elegans

And Here’s The Offending Tweet:

That’s it.

Yes, that’s the joke. Michael Eisen, editor of a peer-reviewed journal, Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology, made a joke in response to a science-themed thread for jokes, and all of the above replies ensued. “That’s it” indeed. Darwin help us.

Parting Shot:

Oof but True


Meh start here if you have the stomach.

WTF is C. elegans?

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