American Top Team Instructor Willy Hardoy Arrested – “Lewd Behavior with Victim Between 12 and 16 Years Old” (Developing)

This story is developing and we will provide updates as they emerge.

At 9:30 PM EST tonight, Victor Guillermo “Willy” Hardoy, a Brazilian Jiujitsu black belt and instructor at ATT Cape Coral, was arrested and taken into custody for failing to appear on second degree felony charges stemming from a 2016 incident involving a “Lewd/Lascivious Act on a child older than 12”.

Willy Hardoy
Willy Hardoy Arrest Record


Screenshot of the court records


The following post from Facebook, which is still public at the moment, is from an individual connected with the subject, according to some reports, the suspect’s wife (we are trying to confirm).

Facebook Post by the suspect's wife
Facebook Post by the suspect’s wife (unconfirmed)
Bullshido News
Bullshido News
Why are you even reading this part? This is like the back of a shampoo bottle. Go read another article or something.
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