Buzz Aldrin Falcon Punched a Conspiracy Theorist

Buzz Aldrin Falcon Punched a Conspiracy Theorist

In case you forgot.

And if you didn’t know about this legendary moment in BS fighting, pour yourself an IPA, tighten your manbun, and get ready for awesomeness.

Buzz Aldrin is one of most prolific sources of badassery in American history: fighter pilot with at least two confirmed kills, West Point grad, MIT grad, Mechanical Engineer, Test Pilot, Astronaut, space exploration advocate, and one of the few Human beings who’ve stepped foot on the moon.

That last bit of information seems to be under dispute by scientifically illiterate conspiracy theorists, basement shut-ins, and Eddie Bravo.

September 9, 2002 –just four months after Bullshido went live– was a sunny day in Los Angeles, California. It was 84 degrees, the skies were clear, but nonetheless there was going to be thunder when a whackadoo named Fart Sibrel lured our hero to a hotel under the false pretext of giving an interview about space to a Japanese television show. When he arrived, Fart had a camera crew and ambushed Aldrin with accusations about being complicit in faking the moon landing, calling him a “coward and a liar”.

the news seems to have misspelled his name…

And that’s when the thunder rumbled in LA. With the righteous indignation of every scientist and engineer and technician and janitor who worked on the Apollo project clenched in his fist, Buzz Aldrin clocked his harasser, right in his stupid, oatmeal-filled head. In the aftermath, no charges were pressed against our hero. He even dedicates an entire chapter to the incident in his autobiography Magnificent DesolationHere’s the video:

We’d like to say that Buzz was let off the hook simply as a result of being BUZZ FREAKING ALDRIN, but that’s not the case. The determination was made based on the fact that Sibrel had been aggressively poking him with a bible, on top of having lured Aldrin to the event in the first place.

It appears that Fart, taxi driver and recipient of Aldrin’s fist, is still trying to hawk his conspiracy theories on the Internet (no, we’re not going to link to any of it), albeit minus a few more brain cells since September 2002. We know this is disappointing, so to compensate, here’s an artist’s depiction of Buzz going around punching people who believe in other stupid shit:

 The ongoing adventures of Buzz Aldrin… in a perfect world




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