Bullshido’s Sam Browning Speaks on the Seth Rich Conspiracy

Despite having been cleanly debunked and thoroughly deconstructed, the conspiracy theory that Democrat staffer Seth Rich was murdered in a political assassination still persist within certain groups and media outlets.

Bullshido, as a media outlet ourselves, endeavors to stay out of partisan politics–as an organization we are apolitical, with a focus on rooting out misinformation and deception regardless of the ideology it supports. This is because we–again, as an organization–strongly believe that an agenda that needs to be supported by falsehood is not an agenda worth supporting in the first place.

Conservative Fox News Host Sean Hannity continued promoting the conspiracy theory long after the network retracted their initial story

With that bit of business out of the way, our very own investigative pit bull, Sam Browning recently appeared on the “Carson’s Corner” podcast to discuss his work exposing the shoddy nonsense that is used to promote this conspiracy.

If you missed it, here’s Sam’s article: The Profiling Project vs. Homicide Victim Seth Rich: Criminal Profiling BS

Carson’s Corner describes itself as “Progressive” podcast and without characterizing their accuracy, approaches political issues with a left bias.

The full episode of the podcast is available here. Sam’s segment starts around 7 minutes in.


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  1. “Despite having been cleanly debunked and thoroughly deconstructed”

    I thought this site was about logic, reason and empirical evidence? Guess not. While I don’t automatically subscribe to speculations and conspiracy theories, saying it has been debunked makes no sense, seeing as how no one has been arrested for Seth Rich’s murder and there’s no clue as to who did it or why. The only suggestion for why comes from Julian Assange, so you can take him seriously or not for what it’s worth, but saying we conclusively know that it wasn’t a murder for political purposes is like claiming there’s not alien life out there somewhere. It’s IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to “debunk and thoroughly deconstruct,” such speculations.

    If you think otherwise, it’s because you have the sort of political bias that you laughably denied having as a disclaimer, or you’re a low I.Q. retard. You’re swallowing one-sided propaganda yourself, not using logic and generally being as much of a fool as the “conspiracy theorists,” you’re claiming to debunk.