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Everything that Went Wrong With Weidman v Mousasi at UFC 210

The co-main event of UFC 210 featured a bout between the two most memetic middleweights on the roster- “The” Chris “The All American” Weidman versus Gegard “Moose-sassy” “Musashi” Mousasi. Weidman used the forward pressure and well-timed takedowns he’s known for

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Can’t Unsee: How Racism In Politics Colored My View of the Welterweight Title

I’ve been out of the sports writing game for a little over two years now- having made the Faustian bargain called “adulthood” where I spend so much energy at work that I can’t dedicate myself to the things I really

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The Mixed Martial Arts Athletes Association Goes Live

The sport of Mixed Martial Arts now has union representation. A group of fighters, including Georges St. Pierre, and Tim Kennedy, have come together to advocate for better pay and benefits for those who step into the cage. When the sport

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