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American Top Team Instructor Willy Hardoy Arrested – “Lewd Behavior with Victim Between 12 and 16 Years Old” (Developing)

This story is developing and we will provide updates as they emerge. At 9:30 PM EST tonight, Victor Guillermo “Willy” Hardoy, a Brazilian Jiujitsu black belt and instructor at ATT Cape Coral, was arrested and taken into custody for failing

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Enough is Enough: Instructors, it is NOT okay to have sex with your students

Morality Check: if you see the people you teach as potential sex partners¬†you’re a goddamned predator. How’s that for a tagline? Does this hit a little too close to home for any of you? Good. Maybe it’ll help you empathize

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The Ongoing Shame of Brazilian Jiujitsu Instructors Promoting Sexual Predators to Black Belt

Here’s the $50,000 question: Do Martial Arts instructors have any duty to screen their students before teaching them the skills of physical violence? For outsiders who only know about Martial Arts through popular culture, there’s a gross, sometimes deliberately-crafted misunderstanding

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