Remembering James Randi – Greatest Hits

If you have been around Bullshido for at least more than a decade, if not since this project kicked off in 2002, you know that “The Amazing” Randi was a personal hero to many on our staff and an inspiration for much of what we’ve done in our own efforts to debunk BS and bust frauds.

But amazingly (pun intended), there are still some people who don’t know this man or what he accomplished in his life—even in our orbit. And with that in mind, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce him to those people, and to remember him for everything he has meant to those of us who did know him—whether personally, through correspondence, or simply as the legend he was.

For that purpose, we’ve curated a selection of videos and memes for you to enjoy.

James Randi Ted Talk – Homeopathy and other BS

Randi vs. Hydrick

James Hydrick was your run-of-the mill huckster operating in the 70’s and 80s, albeit one who liked to dress up in ridiculous Chinese Martial Arts-looking outfits more often than not. Among his many claimed abilities was Telekinesis—being able to move objects with his mind. That was, until our man busted his bullshit on television for all to see.

Uri Gellar Takedown

Uri Gellar was, and to some thankfully lesser extent is still, a self-professed “psychic” and reality-professed bullshit artist who rode the wave of interest in supernatural phenomenon in the mid 70’s to the level of virtual rock stardom. Bending spoons and keys, supposedly with his mind, was one of his more famous demonstrations of his supposed ability.

Of course, James Randi made sure his scam demonstrations weren’t allowed to go unexposed.

Randi exposing Uri Gellar’s spoon bending BS as a fraud on the Tonight Show

Another Randi Takedown – International Edition

We don’t even remember this flim-flam woo-monger’s name, and that’s probably for the best.

Randi vs. Dowsing

Depressingly, there are still people who “use” dowsing in the year 2020. It is complete and utter bullshit, and our man demonstrated this with aplomb.


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