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Bullshido “No BS” Hat


Need to decorate your head AND show the world you don’t put up with BS? We’ve got you covered. Literally. At least your head.

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Are you tired of people’s BS? Are you tired of people with BS on their hats? Do you want to make hats great again? Well you’re in luck because these hats are certainly… hats.

In the classic “dad hat” style (as requested by our members), this cap features a hook and loop (apparently “Velcro” is trademarked or something) fastener in the back so you can adjust it for smaller, harder to punch heads. It’s a one-size-fits-nearly-all scenario. It’s a freaking ball cap, this is way more text than should be required to communicate the concept successfully.

As with just about everything else around here, we’re selling these at barely above cost because we’re not trying to make money, just fight bullshit. Slap one of these on your dome and join us.

Bullshido hat
Bullshido “No BS” Hat

Seriously, all the text below this point is just to fill space because the page would look weird in a regular browser. Although to be honest we have no idea what it looks like in mobile, maybe it wouldn’t be necessary.

Did you know that the “Boxer Rebellion” was named that because Chinese martial artists thought they could use Kung Fu against British troops armed with guns? Yeah, it went about as well as you’d imagine.

Anyway, buy a hat.

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Weight 5 oz

Black, Gray


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