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Bullshido Gym Shirt

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  •  ✔ Athletic cut to show off your GUNZ and GAINZ

  • ✔ 4.5 oz. pre-shrunk ringspun cotton/poly blend

  • ✔ Wards off 100% of chi-based attacks

  • ✔ Double-needle stitched for durability

  • ✔ Soft, lightweight cotton fabric

  • ✔ +50 HP

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it’s the shirt

Shirts are in-stock now!!!

Do you gym?

Do you gym hard?

Well here you go then, buckaroo.

Put this bad boy over your chesticles and gym the hell out, even if you’re not at the gym. Or wear it around your house and eat chips, whatever. You’re an adult Human being, don’t listen to the filler text on a t-shirt sales page. God.

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Weight 4.5 oz

Large, Medium, Small, XL

1 review for Bullshido Gym Shirt

  1. Phrost

    I wore this shirt to the gym and every bro gave me a nod and every lady winked and then everyone clapped.

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