Manny Pacquiao: Gays Worse Than Animals

What do you do when your athletic career is over and you’re lining up a new career in politics?

Well obviously, you start pandering to the religious hardliners for easy votes.

In an interview with Filipino television, the former champion expressed his views on homosexuality and faith:

“It’s common sense. Do you see animals mating with the same sex? Animals are better because they can distinguish male from female. If men mate with men and women mate with women, they are worse than animals.”

Pacquiao, apparently, was not aware that something said in the media anywhere, is something said everywhere. And while the Philippines are still a largely conservative, religious nation, there was plenty of outrage both abroad and at home, over his statement

“I’m sorry for comparing homosexuals to animals. Please forgive me for those I’ve hurt.”

Pacquiao went on to say that he wasn’t condemning homosexuals, he was just standing by his conservative Christian faith.


“I love you all with the love of the Lord. I am praying for you.”

While there is not a lot of overlap between Boxing and the LBGT communities, Pacquiao is enough of a celebrity that his voice has influence over enough people to concern activists struggling for civil rights in the developing world.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your douchebag of the hour: Manny Pacquiao.

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