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The main part I think is bullshit is the forced engagement. Bring me down there and we'll talk. If you attack me from a ground position and I scramble to disengage then come talk to me. Sitting on the ground and being forced to walk into somebody's guard is bullshit.
Yeah, kind of agree here. I don't see the reason for forcing someone into someone else's guard as opposed to standing them both up.

That said Hall's game does interest me. He opens up so many attacks from his unorthodox movement. With my starting to play with some of the inverted tornado stuff I like it because it's really opening up my hip movement and fundamental rolls kind of as a side effect. Hall's kind of an innovater on one extreme side. He may do it because of his body type - he appears to have very little upper body strength.

I still think I see too many people forget solid fundamentals like posture in dealing with the inverted guard. They kind of throw themselves into setups.