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  1. DelPiero1 is offline

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    Hop Gar/CLF/Balintawak
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    Jan 2008
    New York

    Posted On:
    12/22/2010 1:05am

    Qi Gong on Fight Science

    Interesting how the striker lets loose on the dummy but allows his partner to deflect the bat before it fully accelerates. The original premise was that a muscular stomach could take on 800lb of force but the monk was not muscular enough yet 480lbs was actually applied. As for the spear I am guessing that most of the force was directed to the flat part of the spearhead resting on the collar bone hence the red marks on the collar bone.
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    Jan 2011

    Posted On:
    3/22/2011 2:58pm

    Bullshido Newbie

    Qi Gong on Fight Science

    Wow and I really used to believe this kind of stuff
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