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    Shark Fights 13: Jardine vs Prangley - Sept. 11, 2010

    Shark Fights 13
    Sept. 11, 2010
    Civic Center Coliseum
    Amarillo, TX

    Keith Jardine vs. Trevor Prangley
    Houston Alexander vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou
    Paul Daley vs. Jorge Masvidal
    Pete Spratt vs. Eric DaVila
    Brock Larson vs. Tarec Saffiedine
    Danillo Villefort vs. Joey Villasenor
    Ronnie Mann vs. Douglas Evans
    Daniel Straus vs. Karen Darabedyan
    Paul Bradley vs. John Reese
    Devin Cole vs. Aaron Rosa

    Solid looking card, picks?
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    Thanks you for the post.

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    I watched this event. I thought it was a pretty good event - the camera angles weren't always the best and the commentating was pretty bad to say the least. But there were a few decent fights.

    First Houston Alexander vs. Sokoudjou was a great fight. Sokoudjou had Houston in deep trouble in the 1st round but Houston came back at the end of the 1st round and just continued the beating early in the second round. Houston got the TKO win.

    The Jardine vs. Prangley fight was also a great fight, it was a close fight with Prangley winning by split decision. If you can you should watch the 3rd round in the final 2 mins or so Jardine really turned it on but Prangley held on.

    Good first PPV event for SharkFights - was the first Sharkfights event that I watched.

    Another fight I was looking forward to was the Paul Daley. I expected Paul Daley to dominate here but he did not look very good at all. I was very disappointed with this fight. Paul got the decision but he wasn't at all dominant and the fans were booing since his performance was not good and he got taking down at will in this fight.

    Would be curious to know what others thought about Shark Fights PPV.

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    Alexander vs Sokoudjou was one dirty war - eyegouging, hairpulling, headbutting, punches to the back of the head... the only thing missing was a good ole' kick 2 teh ballz.
    I was impressed with Alexander's comeback in the 2nd round, but he had Soko's lacking cardio to thank for that. Predator looked like he was starting to gas in the first round already. If he was in better shape, he probably could have finished Alexander there and then, since he was wobbly as hell on his feet.

    Jardine lost, like he usually does nowadays. Maybe he should consider dropping that awkward "unpredictable" style of his, and adapt to something more succesful. Prangley was in no way owning the fight though, and was lucky that Jardine didn't knock him out in his finishing flurry in the end of the third round.

    Paul Daley didn't look too impressive. His KO-power, which is basically his biggest asset, was nowhere to be seen, and he got taken down at will by Masvidal in the first two rounds. Daley was lucky that Masvidal's strength faded in the last round, so he could get some ground'n'pound in, and eek out a decision.


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