Well, the dust has settled, as some of you know my gym’s landlord fucked us. In an effort to squeeze all three tenants she used our good will and general trying to get along with everyone to give us the shaft. The end result, we had to be out of our current space by early Oct.

It needs to be noted that my gym is not commercial; I make my living as a firefighter here in Seattle. I have two young kids and do a lot of instruction within the fire service. What I am getting at is that my gym is not a fulltime gig and therefore the search for new space in a limited time was a huge burden.
We have been open for about 13 years and have been in our current location for over six. We also have been the longest standing tenant, the most responsible, and generally easiest to get along with in the building.

Those of you that know me know I am blunt, suffice it say I spoke my mind at the time, knowing it was simply an act of “getting it off my chest,” as the ink was already dry on the leases. (I will state for the record that getting off your chest and calling somone a yuppiee **** among other things is well worth it.)

Well good news is that we have inked a new lease, on a much nicer, bigger, more accessible spot in the same neighborhood and will begin getting it converted to the gym starting this week. It took many, many hours of work just to find an appropriate space.

We hope to have all the construction finished and the mats moved onto the new floor by late September. Giving us a nice cushion of time and allowing us to continue to practice in our current spot until everything is ready.

Expect a free “welcome to the new digs” seminar prior to the SAMBO Summit.
For those of you that know us, don’t worry, this place is still blue collar, nothing fancy no frills. We ain’t the types to move uptown.

All is good,
Aaron Fields