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    Fighters starting to earn the amount they should be?

    Since pretty much everyone here know that fighters doesn't make what they deserve to, I finally learn something from my roommate (who attend another Muay Thai school). He told me that one of fighter from his school finally got a contract with K-1 Max. He say that the K-1 Max fighters usually start at around 80,000 a fight and could make up to 800,000 a fight. Have anyone even heard of that? I was SO happy to hear about that because fighters should be able to make as much as a boxer! They really deserve it! However I KNOW a lot of you don't like K-1, here is a new, K-1 Max is COMPLETELY different from regular K-1. To get in you have to have at least 2 or 3 champ (not sure if at same time or different time or whatever). So that real prove how tough those K-1 Max guys are, I am wondering if that is why they are finally starting to make good moneys? Do anyone know? May if there is a certain reason, the same things could happen to rest of fighting sport (Pride DON'T count! They does get paid well but not as well as K-1 Max unless you are Wanderlei or the new heavy weight champ coming up in Aug). Do anyone think it would happen or not? I CERTAINLY hope so!
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    They make as much as people are willing to pay them or they are willing to accept.


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