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    Honestly he didn't do it that fast. He does it while looking cool, yes, but not in the most efficient manner.
    If Ke?po and Wushu have taught me anything, and they haven't, it's that "efficient" actually means "cool-looking." The more ridiculous someone's stuff looks, the more likely that person is to declare it's "efficient."
    It seems to me that the Sanjuriu Martial Art is not in guestion, but, rather the character of Mr. Galt.

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    He cleans all the trim pieces. But you can do that by hand and not a pressure washer. Even if he saves time he probably doesn't save that much more time.

    But when you do 30-40 cars a day the difference might stack up.

    Whats funny is that going to that guy because he washes cars looking really funky probably doesn't make your car any cooler. But exposure is exposure I suppose.

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