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    if you're not using CLP, an AP brush and cue tips, urdoinitrong.

    PROOF that I'm not a completely useless poster:

    Quote Originally Posted by Cy Q. Faunce
    3moose1 is correct. Sig THAT, you fucker.

    Quote Originally Posted by sochin101 View Post
    I went out with a delightful young woman who was on a regimen of pills that made her taste of burned onions.
    That is not conducive to passionate cunnilingus, my friend, let me assure you.
    Quote Originally Posted by HappyOldGuy View Post
    I agree with moosey

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    Are you genuinely that excited about KD qual or are you being facetious?

    Anyway, there should be a list of authorized lubricants for issued weapons. For us its CLP...which is kinda crappy but not too bad, I guess. Be careful with buying stuff "out in town." You could possibly get in trouble...not likely, but possible...and some of that **** is either a little too corrosive or will grab onto grit, sand, and the like and gunk up your gat.

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