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    Quote Originally Posted by BaronVonDingDong View Post
    Unfortunately eggs make me puke like twenty camels in the courtyard. And what's puerco?
    Puerco is Spanish for pig.

    Specifically ham in the morning though, since it is fairly lean. (Hamon?)

    Lean protein is supposedly best in the morning, whatever animal you prefer. You can also get if from nuts. Fruit is good always. And a little live yogurt is an excellent pro-biotic that will help you metabolize more fat and calories throughout the day.

    Carbs in the AM will make you sluggish though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BaronVonDingDong View Post
    Is this an all-or-nothing thing, or will grain reduction have proportional results? (A strict grain-free edict would rock the boat at family meal times.)

    Also - what's a good grain-free breakfast?
    A few slices of ham along with a mixed salad (more color the better) sprinkled with a few pieces of good quality cheese and nuts and dressed with a balsamic vinegar flax seed oil dressing.

    I'm a big believer in breakfast being very quick to prepare since i have to wake up at 4:30 each day for work. This one is fast and hits the spot in flavor, satisfaction and nutrition.

    When trying to lose weight i usually cut out the nuts and cheese.
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