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    Thank you Nate, for putting that douche in his place, and for sowing the seed that sprouted the comedic gold that graces these pages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hesperus View Post
    So is there any general consensus as to why it's okay to be better-safe-than-sorry when inflicting brain injuries but not knee injuries?
    Are you trolling here? Because you have deliberately used wordking that obscures the actual reality of what we're talking about. Paul Harris cranking a sub waaayyy too long (even after the ref tried to break it up) is not simply "better-safe-than-sorry." And we are not comparing some kind of traumatic brain injury to some ambiguous knee injury. We are comparing a knockout from which people usually recover with almost zero long term negative effects to cranking a heel hook too long/far which could actually end a career.

    So it only seems like hypocrisy (which is implied in your question) if you minimize Paul Harris' behavior and obscure the difference between a KO and a sub cranked too long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JudOWNED View Post
    a knockout from which people usually recover with almost zero long term negative effects
    I cannot believe I'm reading this.

    I'd never prevent a healthy fighter from putting their central nervous system at risk, and I aspire to put myself in those situations one day, but I won't delude myself into thinking that I'm not risking memories of kindergarten and conversations with my grandkids every time I consent to the possibility of a cranial acceleration induced seizure delivered by a trained and determined fighter.

    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Dementia pugilistica. Alzheimer's.

    Kyle Ambrogi. Owen Thomas. Andre Waters. Muhammad Ali.

    This **** is fucking serious. How dare you trivialize it so.

    I'll walk that walk knowing full what may await me at the end of my life that may come sooner than I could ever anticipate, but if I could choose right now, I'd rather be an old man telling stories to youngsters from a wheelchair about how I coulda been a contenda until Rousimar Palhares and Masakazu Imanari destroyed every joint in my legs than be a near vegetable who has next-to-no memory of everyone I've ever loved and the champion I once was. That isn't even a fucking choice.

    Knee injuries are not worse because a conscious and screaming man with months of recovery ahead of him is somehow less palatable to you than a man rendered unconscious and seizing by brain trauma that there simply is no recovering from.

    Forty years from now Jon Fitch and Jake Shields will still be able to give coherent interviews. Chuck Liddell and Wanderlei Silva won't.

    No fine. No suspension. Just a $60,000 bonus check for a job well done.

    Please keep that in mind for when Tomasz Drwal is a happy old man with a bum knee and Wanderlei Silva is an unresponsive shell of a human.
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