So, I took a break from enjoying a bearded Wanderlei on a scooter yesterday to check out the King of the Cage presser. Apparently they are planning multiple excursions to DC, Virginia, and Maryland. Wrote a little article about it last night, which you can check out here.

Now, as for my bullshido non-newsly opinions and speculation: KotC is interesting to the guys in the Mid-Atlantic as a potential organization to cut their teeth. While I don't think the east coast has the shortage of feeders that it used to, Ring of Combat is still the biggest one around the area. And KotC is better known than RoC around the country.

Also, Keith Creed is handling KotC's east coast business and he is one of the cooler guys I've met on the business end of MMA. Though, I think his days involved in pro-wrestling have made him a little too eager to cut a promo.