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    Quote Originally Posted by jdcasse101 View Post
    really? i said that chinese wing chun is better? can you show me please where i said that cuz id like to know. I hate people trying to make assumptions of my skills, intentions and what im looking for. I want to go to china where it was ORIGINATED from and i want to experience their culture and way of living at the same time.

    "Patriotism is a virtue of viciousness" O.W.
    Here's another assumption I'm going to make about you: You aren't very smart.

    And because you are acting like a little bitch...I'm not going to help.

    But just so you know, I do know for a fact that one of the best wing chun guys in the world is in China, and I know that he speaks english. He is one of the last living disciples of Yip Man.

    I think I've given you enough info to narrow your search. Look for a Chinese guy in China who speaks english and does wing chun.

    I also think you can find what you are looking for and save a lot of money by changing your trip from China to Florida. Epcot has a great section for China and Japan. You can get dressed up in Asian clothes and do kung fu in the grassy areas between attractions.

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