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    Quote Originally Posted by Wounded Ronin View Post
    I *would* like a Garand. I guess I'm too cheap to buy one.
    Yeah, the only "cheap" route to a Garand I know of is the CMP. (Man I covete a d-model, as if I'll ever own one...)

    I'd love a Norinco M14, (for about $400) but they cannot be imported to our country. Pisses me off, since domestic M1A's are not only all investment cast, but tend to run @ $1200 and up.

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    I ordered the Del Ton A2!

    I decided to go with the chrome lined barrel for a little extra cash, and getting the flat top + carrying handle raised the price by $75. Most of the rifle is coming to my house, and the stripped lower is going to a gun shop.

    I'm pretty excited. I plan to ask a friend to help me assemble it.

    EDIT: Oh, and for the retro look, I got 4 20 round mags, even though they are twice the price of a 30 round mag. :O

    EDIT 2: At the last moment I noticed that Del Ton apparently offers laser etchings on your lower reciever. Their choices were the Army Logo, the Army Seal, and the Marine Corps logo. Not ever having been in the military, and not wanting to be a poser, I decided not to get an etching. However, it said that you could send them a jpeg for them to etch onto your lower reciever. If I had known about it, I might have considered sending them something funny to etch on the lower reciever, like a line art coffee mug, or a peace symbol, or something similarly incongruous.

    EDIT 3: OR A PEACE CORPS LOGO! DAMN! Holy crap, let me call them and ask them if they can do that.


    Oh well, I'll just have to put a Peace Corps sticker on one of the magazines or something instead.

    EDIT 5: I sent then an email about it, so hopefully I can get that logo on the lower reciever after all.
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