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    Michigan Lawmakers Consider Bill On MMA Fighting

    Lawmakers Consider Bill On MMA Fighting

    Some state lawmakers want to crack down on a popular combat sport. New legislation would put rules in place to regulate amateur mixed martial arts. Those close to the sport are weighing in on the bill. It's a rough sport gaining popularity and new fans every day.

    Greg Ahrens, licensed Professional Fight Promoter: "It's a great sport, it's the fastest growing sport in the world."

    Mixed martial arts, or MMA, is a full combat sport that combines several fighting moves from all different martial arts.

    Greg Ahrens: "Jujitsu on the ground, the Judo, stand up, Tae Kwon Do."

    But now some state lawmakers want to step in to regulate amateur MMA events.

    Greg Ahrens: "A lot of guys are putting on events without doctors, other people are getting dog cages from tractor supply, there are just no standards."

    Greg Ahrens is a licensed professional fight promoter and supporter of house bill 6311.

    The bill would require all promoters be licensed to hold amateur MMA events. A doctor would also need to be in attendance at fights and participants would be required to have blood work done. Ahrens says, without those guidelines, fighters could get hurt.

    Greg Ahrens: "These are young people, youth, they need to have us be held accountable to them, and right now we've got them by the butt."

    But not everyone thinks the sport should be regulated.

    Ryan Noel, does not support bill: "As far as all the commissions and regulations and tight rules and all the stuff, it'd be too Mickey Mouse, there'd be no purpose for it if it was like that, so as far as I'm concerned, rock 'em, sock 'em robots, knock each other out."

    And fighters will do just that, unregulated until lawmakers decide otherwise.


    Pretty fair article, but I can't see why anyone would be against proper regulation. A search on Ryan Noel reveals he is an authority on nothing.

    Can any one decipher what was meant to be conveyed here?

    Greg Ahrens: "These are young people, youth, they need to have us be held accountable to them, and right now we've got them by the butt."
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    Is he saying that the youth are being butt fucked due to no regulation? Terrible wording, whatever he was trying to portray.

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    There do seem to be a lot of amateur events here now. It would be good to see some basic rules set in place, especially if the guidelines were clearly written and not too onerous.

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    There is complete fact in this article. Every bar and auditorium has held an MMA fight at one time or another. Some of its out of fucking hand, just goddamn ridiculous. I've seen people "fight" in a matted off area lined by spectators in a bar, fighting for the promise of free beer.

    (Of course, I would have never fought in any of these types of fights....)

    But legislation that protects fighters = good. Especially since **** is growing FAST in michigan. Blood work is the most important, imo.

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