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    Quote Originally Posted by MorningLemon View Post
    True Dat.

    I used to spar on weekends with a TKD group, I was living in my car at the time and would have gone anywhere that would let me spar, and this TKD guy let spar at the gym for free with the "black Belts". Turns out BB means a Tiny hispanic guy, some giant white guy, and a handful of soccer mom's on most days.

    Now, being a gentleman I hate to have to knock a bitch out, so I would lightly tap them on the nose with my fist as they would lift one leg up and try some crazy ass spinning jump kick and try to kick the air 6 inches in front of me. They didn't understand the concept of getting punched in the head so they kept running at me after the nose tap, and the big guys just turned their backs to me as I Thai kicked them in the back because 'those kicks don't count'.

    So yes there are people (adults even) that "end up walking the str33tz with a false sense of security, thinking that they can handle themselves in any situation"

    It's going to get some soccer-mom somewhere killed.

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    This ninja is actually harder to see than the Hawthorne ninjas:

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    Larus Marinus, thanks for your note. I thought about it all day, on and off, trying to come up with a clear way of expressing an idea without ending up on someone's S*** List.

    I think it comes down to percentages.

    Over time, in looking at people and systems of people, they can often be broken down for examination by percentages.

    Roughly X number will drop out for various reasons in the initial period, Y number will move to another martial arts venue and continue to progress (changing interests in style type, seeing through the shallow instruction and wanting more, etc.) in the intermediate time frame, Z number will continue to adhere to that school for a longer time (even if the school is made up) until other life interests over take them.

    It is almost that pattern in any voluntary institution, just change out the martial arts words, and make it what ever volunteer program you know of. It is a kind of human pattern to non-obligatory behavior.

    And I thought about what you and Morning Lemon were writing about, the delusional or self-aggrandizement that creates its own problems.

    Some times it is not the instruction, but the individual. And, I can own this one myself. When I was taking Karate in Japan, I thought I was tough.... No, only in my own mind. It was a process to get past my own stupidity and become more real in perception and response. And, that was without being in the McDonald's ninjas!

    I was just fortunate not to have gotten into a real fight, because I would been, as described in Larus Marinus' note, spitting out my teeth onto the floor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dsimon3387 View Post
    er where are you in Arizona? I have a bunch of clowns here who are very angry and want a piece of you.... hang ona sec...

    "easy guys! no no no he didn't really mean to compare you to that video... put down the big rubber shoe bozo!!"
    Please don't bring Juggalos into this. All they know is smoking pot and flinging feces at internet celebrities.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vaquero de las nalgas View Post
    Please don't bring Juggalos into this. All they know is smoking pot and flinging feces at internet celebrities.

    haha nice if explosives are involved can we throw in a few mimes?
    This thread never was a high quality conversation - My friend vern Gilbert on the William Acquier thread.

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    Exhibit A:

    Exhibit B:


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    That is the funniest, and stupidest, vid I have seen in ages...

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