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    Jumping rope is more about timing than anything and not really jumping at all. I mean, it doesn't take much to clear a rope. Its really something you just need to do a lot and not think about while youre doing it. If you think directly about the timing you, at least for me, it fucks it up and you mess up. By you, I mean me. I don't move my arms at all, and I barely even move my wrists....maybe 1/4 circles. Anyway, you'll get, it just takes time.

    No worries about starting something new. I'm a nidan in two TMA's and just started seriously taking jujitsu a couple weeks ago (at the same dojo). Needless to say, its different starting from the bottom...especially after I've been doing martial arts for over 15 years. Its totally a good and humbling experience, though. When you have to mentally go "ok, step one in an elbow escape is..." you get owned a lot.

    Sounds like a pretty sweet gym your going to now...they offer a lot of classes, that's good. I'd love to get down on some of that. In karate class we've been spending time focusing on generating power (a lot of dojo lack power training sometimes). I'd love to get some good MT classes in.

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    Small wrist movements are key. Don't windmill your arms, you'll only waste energy and screw yourself up. No big jumps, for the same reasons. And really, the only way to get better at it is to keep doing it.

    Oh, and your toes will get stung over, and over, and over again. Accept this and move on.

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    Well, thanks for the help everyone!
    A lot of that is what I figured, just practice practice.... it just sucks that I live at an apartment block, so practicing in front of my flat isn't exactly an option!

    @Daishi, yeah, I have been through the new boy hoops a few times, its all good, I rather enjoy the experience... and its always a laugh when you walk into thenew dojo/gym with your white-belt or equivilent and some green belt-equivilent walks over and starts talking to you as God giving the ten commandments to Moses, with that near identical self-depreciating patronising tone of voice... all good!

    Yeah, so far the gym seems pretty cool, they actually have more classes than that, but work/ helping teach kiddie Judo classes prevent me from attending the rest.. although there are some morning cardio classes I might get into before work/uni...

    I would do a dojo review, but lets face it, I know bugger all about Muay Thai, so who am I to judge good/bad/whatever...

    Oh, and yes, montage! That would be cool... maybe I can do the whole No Retreat No Surrender thing and have the ghost of Bruce Lee come and teach me to skip rope... its not like he is doing anything else, right?

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    Get Buddy Lee's magic speed rope

    YouTube- Buddy Lee Crazy Jump Roping

    ^I saw this guy do his thing with the rope at the WKA Nationals last year, it was quite the trip.

    Jumping rope is all about developing springy calf muscles and getting a feel for the rhythm of keeping the rope going. Just focus on keeping a constant rhythm for short periods of time and over time it'll become natural enough to where you can simply do it without really trying. One thing that will help is trying to coordinate your breathing to the same rhythm as your jumping. This coordination you develop will translate well to developing the rhythm and flow in your footwork and combinations.
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