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    Madama Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

    I was on vacation this weekend near Toms River NJ (LBI) and was looking for a place to train. I had an opportunity to train at Madama Jiu Jitsu. I can say that the school is top knotch and the environment is friendly and Josh Madama (Serra Black Belt) is a very capable and knowledgeable instructor. I was able to stop by for Friday and Saturday classes. As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted by Josh and felt right at home. I rolled with as many students as I could on both days that I was there and they are very skilled and also friendly. At the end of both classes (after open mats and most people had left) I rolled with Josh for at least 30mins. Also he knows BJJ extremely well and it showed in his instruction. He was able to answer any and all questions that I had in an easy to understand way. Now I have some good new moves to add to my repertoire. Next time I visit the area I will definitely come back to Madama Jiu Jitsu. Also he has a very good Muay Thai class which I also took. Not that it matters but I am a purple belt under Mike Wacker/Steve Kardian (Team Balance), so I know a good BJJ school when I see one.

    Aliveness: I gave it a 10 because the atmosphere was very energetic and the rolls where intense.

    Equipment: I gave it a 9 because even though I was there primarily for BJJ I did see lots of equipment. They have lots of bags (heavy, double ended, etc.), padded walls, grappling dummies, excellent mats and lots of mat space.

    Gym Size: I gave it a 8 only because ATT was the 10 and they have 20,000 s.f. (I would have given it a 9 or 10). Madama BJJ has 2,500 square feet of mat space, which is more than enough for rolling and not having to worry about bumping into other people.

    Instructor/Student Ratio: I gave a 9 because Josh Madama is a Matt and Nick Serra Black Belt and there are also several high ranking purple belts to help out. The Classes aren't huge either so the Instructor (Josh) has plenty of time to help individual students with techniques that they learned in class.
    Atmosphere: I gave it a 10. I did it because the environment was very laid back and supportive but at the same time very challenging. All of the guys were very competitive and rolled very intensly from Josh down to the white belts.

    Striking Instruction: They have Muay Thai and MMA classes. I took the Muay Thai Class. While it was very good and the instructor (Muay Thai guy with over 8 yrs of experience) knew his stuff and taught well, I only did one class so I didnt feel like I could give it a proper rating. So I put N/A.

    Grappling Instruction: I easily give it a 9. The Professor black belt under Matt and Nick Serra. He is very profesional and knowledgeable in BJJ. He is definitly top level and it showed in his teaching style. Which was very easy to follow along with and remember what he taught.

    Weapons Instruction: N/A

    For the question of whether or not there is a full contact fight team I put yes. I put it because they regularly compete at tournaments (GQ, Naga etc.) and do pretty good. I'm not sure if that counts as a fight team but that is why I put yes.
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