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    Muay Thai: Classes have full contact sparring with shin guards and mouth guards.

    BJJ: During open-mat you can go as hard as you like, and most people go hard.

    MMA: Frequent Grappling and striking, including striking on the ground.



    About 5-6 heavy bags that are all a local Muay Thai gym's hand-me-down's, but in good condition. Also, there are about 15 pairs of Thai pads, a half dozen sets of gloves, 4-5 shin guard sets and catch mits, all in decent condition.

    There is also basic workout equipment (bench, kettle bells, resistance bands, medicine balls, and body weight bars)

    Gym Size:

    We can have about 50 people grappling at a time with out too much collision. We found this out during a seminar.

    Instructor/Student Ratio:

    A typical beginners class with have 1 instructor to about 20 students. For an advanced class, children's,teens or daytime class the ratio is about 4-8:1. There has been a lot of new members lately and we are looking into getting more instructors and having more class times.


    This is the best part, we frequently have club bbq's and comps, and social outings to watch the UFC or other events. Everyone gets along with everyone and we're all there to help each other get better at what we love. It's basically a Bizarro Hippy Ass beating Love-fest!


    The MMA coach is a black belt in Shooto, and fought Muay Thai in Thailand. The Muay Thai coaches have both fought professionally.

    The head coach is a Purple Belt under John Will and we frequently have substitute coaches from John Will's gym when our head coach goes to Thailand to train. The BJJ styles are different from coach to coach, but the instruction is always top-notch.

    Fight Team:

    There is currently a fight team being established, and most members compete in Tournaments for BJJ.
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