Aliveness: We don't do full speed takedowns every class, so it's only an 8.
Equipment: We have a stinky Gi you can use, otherwise I'd bring your own. We have heavy bags, a speed bag, and LOTS of mat space.
Gym Size: 2,100 square feet with ample parking.
Instructor/Student Ratio: Beyond Luiz, there is always a brown belt or two, or several high ranking purple belts to help out. Classes aren't huge either.
Atmosphere: Not lovey-dovey, but cool guys willing to train hard and help new people out.
Striking Instruction: We have a kickboxing class and a boxing trainer that is available by appointment. I think they just started Capoeira classes too.
Grappling Instruction: The Professor is a 6th degree black belt under Rickson. Hopefully someday this will be a 10 as some of the guys progress in bigger competitions (Luiz has only been in Jacksonville for 3 or 4 years).
Weapons Instruction: We do the Gracie anti-getting shot defenses.