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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMightyMcClaw View Post
    Well, in this case, I'd say his hobby of getting drunk and starting fights is pretty relevant to the article.
    Indeed, and the guy sounds like a bona fide goof. I hope he gets caught and gets to spend some time in Thai prison - I am sure he will get a chance to test out how tough he is in there.
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    Lee Aldhouse, the alleged murderer of Dashawn Longfellow, has been arrested while attempting to enter the UK.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Nation Multimedia
    Fugitive murder suspect Lee Aldhouse has been detained by airport authorities while trying to enter the UK, the Gazette has learned.

    Lt Col Anukul Nuket, investigating officer in the case, confirmed that Chalong Police received the news from British officials yesterday.

    Chalong Police are now compiling evidence to try and have Mr Aldhouse extradited to Thailand to be charged for the stabbing murder of 23-year-old American Dashawn Longfellow in Rawai on August 14.

    Mr Aldhouse, 28, was the target of an international manhunt for almost two weeks, after he allegedly followed the American home and stabbed him after the two engaged in a bar fight in Rawai.

    Chalong Police will pass all evidence in the case to the Phuket provincial public prosecutor, who is expected to file an extradition request with the British Embassy in Bangkok as soon as possible.

    The embassy will then liaise with Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he added.

    Phuket Gazette

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bahuyuddha View Post
    Lee Aldhouse, the alleged murderer of Dashawn Longfellow, has been arrested while attempting to enter the UK.
    BBC has also now reported his Arrest upon return to the UK:

    31 August 2010 Last updated at 11:37
    Kick boxer wanted over Thai murder is arrested
    A kick boxer from Birmingham wanted over the murder of a former US marine in Thailand, has been arrested at Heathrow Airport.
    Thai police had named Lee Aldhouse, 27, as the main suspect in the murder of Dashawn Longfellow, 23, who was stabbed on 14 August on the island of Phuket.
    Mr Aldhouse was also wanted by UK police for breaching bail terms.
    Scotland Yard said a 27-year-old man was arrested at 1655 BST on 18 August for recall to prison.
    It is understood that the Thai authorities have not yet issued an extradition warrant.
    Mr Aldhouse had been training as a Thai kick boxer.
    Mr Longfellow was attacked in his apartment, following an earlier bar brawl.

    Let's hope he is delivered into Thai judicial custody via the Lumpini.

    A Bad Man who deserves his punishment.

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