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    I'll keep this one short. I got to train here for 5 weeks which may not be enough for a proper school review. However, I was able to leave that place with my stand-up game vastly improved. When I went there I told them exactly what I needed (concentrated improvement of my stand up game) and that I won't be able to come regularly due to my crazy work schedule.

    Most schools, when they hear that they kind of forget about you.

    This was not the case. As long as I was showing my hunger for more instruction I kept getting more and more. Within 5 weeks, the instructors at this school filled in the gaps in my kickboxing game while at the same time, trying their best to mold me into their system.

    The school has a ring, a cage, plenty of mat space and a full weightlifting set. Within the property but outdoors, there are old tires, ropes, sledgehammers and such for more conditioning. By the way, when I say a weightlifting set don't expect a full-out weight room at your university but it had all the important things smartly picked out. I did my bench, squat, deadlift workouts there with all the safety I needed.

    For the monthly membership fee you show up to any classes you want. They have boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, judo and BJJ classes.

    I really like the system they have for training stand-up. I can't comment on the grappling instruction because I did not do any grappling there.

    A bit about the instructors: Mike Bell is probably familiar to a lot of you readers. He is the former WKA champion Mike "Little Giant" Bell. He gives you plenty of attention (even if he looks like he isn't watching, he is) and it is a real treat getting attention from someone with such a knowledge base. His boxing instruction is very good (he is a former pro boxer) and the wisdom he gained from competition mixed with his knowledge in traditional martial arts in the days when Karate training was tough as balls is very interesting.

    Mitch McElroy is a BB in BJJ under Helio Soneca, and Vinne Samero is a former D1 wrestler and a world-class wrestling coach. Both are cross-trained and are reputable professional fighters. They co-own the gym. Between the three of them you will be sure to get a lot out of the place.

    This gym stands its ground and shoulder to shoulder with competition such as ATT Orlando and Gracie Barra. I chose this gym because of it had no contract, low cost, and how open the gym was to more training. Whenever someone is in the gym, you are welcome to train and someone will work with you if you ask. If you have an insatiable hunger for more training that kicks in 7 days a week this is the place for you.

    I highly recommend this place. A few Bullshido members go there so I am hoping they would put in a review also!
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