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    It's only an issue if they report it to the mods, otherwise it's no one's business. Why did you create this thread anyway? What did you think it would solve? Or are you just going out of your way to cause controversy?

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    Well I guess I'm just stupid.
    "Preparing mentally, the most important thing is, if you aren't doing it for the love of it, then don't do it." - Benny Urquidez

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    The mods and admins will act if things are reported. The female posters I've talked to (other than shar, who lodged 1 complaint about PM's or emails with the bullshido staff that was quickly taken care of) , they don't recieve anything other than a few pm's saying "You t3h hot", which personally I would take as a complement. If anyone is having harassment problems, please contact the staff.

    This thread is over.

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