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    Boxing in Muay Thai - Help me get started

    **EDIT: Holy crap, I meant to post in the basic miscellaneous technique. So sorry mods.

    OK. I'm a beginner so in before "STFU and spar".

    I need a bunch of tips to get me started and make me stop sucking on boxing.

    During sparring, I have no problem landing kicks but when it comes to boxing-only sparring, I start sucking really hard.

    The problem is that I'm 5'4" so everyone's reach is longer than mine.
    ****, even people who are on the same height can hit me before I hit them.

    Everytime I jab, step to jab, I get hit in the face, yeah I do keep my guard up. That is if I reach them, most of the time it doesn't even hit their guard.

    I can land hits... to the body, and it doesn't have enough power. I can get into the clinch when I get close but this isn't Judo.

    I've been told to rush in with my elbow up guarding the face, but all I get is a punch and a guy moving back.
    I can keep the distance and a defensive footwork and not get cornered or punched but that's just a fancy way of running away like a chicken.

    So, what's the problem?
    My stance too short?
    Do I need to do a wide boxer's stance?
    And I don't really want to make a habit of bobbing and weaving.

    \EDIT: I think it has a lot to do with having a narrow almost standing stance and being flat footed.

    Sorry, I wish I could delete this thread.
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    Start working on using angles. It sounds like you go forward in a straight line, which isn't that hard to get away from for somebody more experienced.

    And don't turn your nose up at body shots. I'm the shortest guy in my gym(5'5"), which basically means I have no choice but to be an infighter, and people really do end up thinking twice about moving in on you if you play their ribs like a xylophone every time you get in range. I saw three guys give up last night at the show I fought on because they couldn't breathe anymore from all the punishment their ribs/abs took. It's not easy to hit with a lot of power to the head if you have to reach up to do it. Play to your strengths.

    Also, learn your distance. Don't throw just to throw if it has no chance of landing. It's a waste of energy, and lets your partner know what you're trying to do. They can counterpunch you into next week if they know what you're throwing has no chance of hitting. Also, you leave yourself open. A lot of beginners don't realize that every time you throw something, you leave something else open, and they seem to have this reaction like "You're not allowed to hit me, I'm trying to punch, it's my turn, not yours!"

    And yes, you're right, you need to be less flat-footed. Coming stomping in like a zombie after brains might feel strong, but it's slow, stiff, and your partners will just move away because they can see you coming a mile off.

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    Ok. I'm going to try angles and body shots. I don't have problems landing body shits.
    And if I punch, it's almost always to the body. I CAN get some punches in, but it's just that I'm not very happy with it.

    You have any youtube vids on angles? I'm going to search on my own but additional material will help.

    Thanks a lot man!

    YouTube- Advanced Angles.

    Yeah. This could work. Gonna focus on the sidestep first. It's just a simple step to the side with the rear leg.
    Someone at the gym showed this to me.

    I swear, the internet answers a lot of my questions before I get to the gym these days.
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