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    Starting a Free Martial Arts Training Website

    Haven't posted in awhile but I'm back around.

    I've been working on a site that is almost done that will hopefully help people learn to train the right way.

    It is a martial arts training site. It is very similar to CrossFit in that everyone can do it at home with minimal equipment (a partner is needed). It is for guys who do TMA and want to learn how to train alive, MMA guys or just newbs.

    I have articles and videos that will be posted up in a WOD style like CrossFits.

    Just looking for anyone who may own a gym or be blackbelt in a style to help make technique vids. I am covering the MMA, BJJ and Kempo among other things but any specialists in any style is free to contact me, make vids or write articles.

    The theme of the site is to train any art with aliveness. Example: I'll be showing BJJ techniques as well as Kempo and how to use some parts of Kempo in live sparring.

    So who wants to see how I've thrown people with Aikdio :) lol

    Any dirty lurkers interested can email me at [email protected] as well.

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    Cool idea, man. I'm interested to see it.


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