I've only been training in martial arts for about a month (Yes, I am a noob) and have never really taken a sport seriously before, but recently I have been getting this really bad pain in my lower back/hip when I sit down for too long, so I decided to bite the bullet and go cos I was worried it would affect my training. I also wanted to find out why my right shoulder clicks and hurts after exercise.

Turns out the muscles in my lower back have some problem (can't remember what) but I've been agitating them really badly by trying to touch my toes several times a day because I thought I was inflexible, but really i have a problem with my lower back muscles, which he can fix.

My shoulder, which has always been like this, apparently has a problem with the rotator cuff, which he can help me out with too.

So he gave me some exercises to do, and also pushed my muscles a lot, which really hurt, and already I could get closer too my toes. Yay!

We spoke about the types of movements involved in the martial arts I do, and he is going to give me exercises to help build strength in the areas that support the movements. Was also cool cos he actually knew what Muay Thai was, and has seen a match. Oh and he's going to help me improve my posture.

Anyway overall it was really good, didn't cost too much (AU$60 for an hour) and I'm glad I went, cos if I would have just kept trying to get more flexible by forcing myself, I would have a more serious injury. So yeah, go to a physio if you're injured and don't put it off!