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    The Art of No-Handed Biking AKA Aiki-Biking

    By: GrandMaster Chee "The Healing Machine" Xiong

    Dedicated to: Shannon Logan

    Analysis of the day: Human beings are very intelligent, there is no way that you could record all the Katas of the Human nature unless you're God...the closest way is to collect the most important Katas and use a strong Kernel that can respond to all the different moves and their variations.


    * Turns:
    - Snake Turn
    - Corner Turn
    - Circle Turn
    - Hip Turn
    - Lean Turn
    - Pen Turn
    - Cross Turn
    - Flying Cross Turn
    - Leaning Cross Turn
    - Leg Turn (Ashi-Turn, Ashi is the Japanese term for "Leg"...before Ashi was used, I call it HeliKi)
    - Flying Leg Turn (Invented on 4-16-02, this technique is also known as The Place in honor of Ms.Place who was teaching in those days, it can also be call The Heather in honor of former Teen Teamworks co-worker Heather who motivated me to invent this technique)
    - U Turn

    * Controls: (Ability to control the bike while doing something)
    - Punches and Snap kicks
    - Withstand Shout (For the begginers who can be distracted by someone shouting at them)
    - Arms in Shirt
    - Aiki-Biking and Writing
    - Downhill and Uphill
    - Very Fast and Very Slow
    - Narrow and Dark
    - 20+ pound carry on your back
    - Automatic Control (Ability to go no-handed as soon as you got on the bike)
    - Owl's Neck
    - Left Lane Rule
    - Flapping Knee Balance
    - Any Pedal (Ability to go no-handed even on two pedals that have been wore to the metal bar support)
    - Swimming Arm Balance
    - Master Aiki on 2+ Bikes
    - Hold 5+ Books
    - Aiki-Waza by the Curve
    - Left Osoto-Gari
    - Tie your Shoe (Tying your shoes while biking with no hands)

    * Positions:
    - Guard => Ukemi
    - Kimura's Side Control (It kind of look like the Side Control Kimura use on Helio Gracie)
    - Kneebar
    - Heliocopter Knee
    - Tate Shiho Gatame (You lean foward like that Judo Pin)
    - The Grip

    * Landings:
    - Side Land
    - Drop Land

    * Aiki-Waza:
    - Aiki-Biking
    - Eagle Glide
    - Swift Hip Lane Change
    - Entrance to Sidewalk (45 Degrees)
    - Glide to Sidewalk

    * Ashi-Waza:
    - Ashi => Sidewalk
    - Ashi Small Circle
    - Leg Lane Change
    - Side Falling Leg ukemi
    - Osoto Ashi
    - Flying Ashi
    - Knee Ashi
    - Heliocopter Ashi
    - Weaving Ashi
    - Kick Ashi
    - The Shannon Hindu (This is the lastest technique named in Shannon Logan's Honor, while chatting with Shannon yesterday...she say that she put her "sexy" legs on one side of the bike and no handed.......this is my version of it, it looks like a Hindu posture so I added Hindu to it)

    * Nage-Waza:
    - Nage (Stand up with no hands...I cannot do this with my bike)
    - Side Nage (This technique was used to defeat me last spring, stand with no hand and both legs are on one side of the bike...I cannot do this with my bike)

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    No problem man.
    "All warfare is based on deception." -Sun Tzu, ca. 400BC

    Reverse punch Kiaii!!!

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    You know what to do when people don't pay attention to a thread?

    You keep it on top of the threads until people can't ignore it!

    That's the secret to my success, The Tao of Alter7nate


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