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Thread: Giving Blood

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    Im type O-. I'll keep my blood, thanks.

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    Originally posted by SamHarber
    I'd love to have a steak or two to eat, but I've got crappy low calorie microwave meals in the freezer...
    heh heh, i know the feeling.

    -a fellow fat bastard (who as of this a.m. is down to 219 from 242 six weeks ago)

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    I had to take the day off when I gave blood. There was a big guy who fainted after I went it, he did not eat anything taht day... So make shure you eat, they recomend staying away from greasy foods, and drinking lots of water. It should all be back in about a month they say, but I was back to normal in about three days.

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    The best time to drink a few beers is right after giving blood. The alcohol fills up your bloodstream faster since there is less blood to get drunk.

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    Originally posted by kuntaokid
    Im type O-. I'll keep my blood, thanks.
    Dude! That's the most useful type of blood. You should donate. You'd probably save a lot of lives.

    Oh, and it takes the average 70kg person about 2 weeks to regenerate the red blood cells taken out when you donate. However, it only takes about a day or two to regenerate the proteins in the plasma that you donate for money, which is why you can donate plasma much more often.

    As far as getting drunk, it's much easier to just be dehydrated when you get trashed. Your lowered blood volume will make your BAC go up a lot quicker. Fun fun fun!
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    There's an old russian proverb:

    "The only way to drink is on an empty stomach"

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