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    I had to transition as well and for me the hardest thing was to adjust to was to keep attacking after I made a clean hit. Which I believe to be the biggest inherent flow to stop-point competitions.
    Others thing I had to learn was punch work, I had to incorporate hooks and uppercuts in my punchwork. There's a difference between seeing them in drills, which we did do in karate, and using them while sparring.
    Technique wise, my punch work has improved drastically since doing mainly savate.
    The final thing I had to learn, and the easiest, were low kicks.
    In muay thai came increased clinch work which I had practiced in karate but lless .

    I did not have a problem with adjusting to power kicks/punches. In Belgium you have to do the techniques with power, if your opponent does not react to your kick or punch, you do not get the point and when looking at club sparring our club was on the harder side of the spectrum. Powerwise, the difference is minimal between the punches/kicks thrown at me in the savate or muay thai club vs the karate club. The difference between the clubs would be smaller than the difference between the people in the clubs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Machette View Post
    His mastery of bullshit is very impressive.

    and this:

    Its not that simple. It would be great if this was the providance of a few hobbyists and that it was entertainment for a few more.... these guys had sway and influence over karate and destroyed it.
    This thread never was a high quality conversation - My friend vern Gilbert on the William Acquier thread.

    The fight in question having started over who owns which piece of rubble. Nicko1;2233174 On the Acquier Kim Fiasco slash thread.

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