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    Video Interview with Ireland's first BJJ Black Belt

    Thought you guys might be interested in this :)

    SBG Black Belt John Kavanagh talks about how he got started in BJJ, why he chose SBG and a little about the path he took to owning a full-time MMA/BJJ gym in Dublin, Ireland.

    YouTube- ‪bjj.ie - straight blast gym ireland / john kavanagh‬‎

    There'll be more of these to come, I'm hoping to get a kind of picture of the history of BJJ in Ireland (it's only really been going about 10-12 years) by interviewing a lot more of the guys who pioneered the art who are now long-time coaches. Check out bjj.ie for more!

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    I had the pleasure to roll with John when he was in town for one of Matt Thornton's seminars.

    4 minute round and I was guillotined at least 5 times. Arm drag -> guillotine setup -> half-guard bottom or top finish. Rinse and repeat. He can finish his guillotine with 1 hand due to what I think is uncanny hip pressure. Strong posture only delayed the inevitable. Before that, it had been years since I was last guillotined.

    Incredibly nice and humble guy. I'm hoping he comes to town again so that I can catch his seminar.


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