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    This is the problem with many eclectic styles not just Karate. A good rule of thumb is plenty of sparring, competition records from continuous point sparring (old school) to kickboxing competitions, and you feel comfortable in the classes.

    If they bang and do it well who cares if it is Ishin Ryu? Basically one of the biggest flaws in the anti-tma way of thinking is professional fighting. 98% of the people on this website will not nor have the desire, to be a professional or Amateur fighter.

    Self defense, health, and fun/hobby are the biggest priorities IMO.

    Edited to add:

    Yes, he has sokeship and some other BS but, quick googling has shown he has fighters that competed in K-1, knockdown tournaments, and amateur kickboxing comps.

    Go ahead and check his rank but, I'd go check the school out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pokeroo View Post
    Thanks IIF. I'll look up his teacher in his bio. Something doesn't look right about the tree of teachers on his bio, but I suspect that's a mistake. I'll have to ask him about the kyokushin too, but I imagine if your proficient in one kind of karate in may not take long to move up the ranks in another.

    I was more intending to get opinions on Ishin Ryu when I started this post, but I think I have absorbed that 90% of it is crap, but this school appears to be an exception.
    True I hold 2nd Dans in Taekwondo and Shotokan and Im not a superduper Karate Legend.

    My sensei holds a 6th in Shotokan and a 5th in Shitoryu , it is possible to hold Dan in 2 styles . In the 70s alot of the real korean masters of Taekwondo when it was called Korean Karate , were also Black Belts in a Japanese style mostly Shotokan. Even Today alot of the legit Korean Instructors are ranked in Hapkido or Yudo. And in JMA alot of the sensei are BB in Judo

    Alot of times a Dan grade Karate Ka will walk into a dojo of a similiar art , Karate /Taekwondo for example and after being checked out by the instructor will be allowed to enter that dojo at a Dan grade .

    Point is its not unusual to hold grades in 2 styles
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    I don't mean to keep this thread alive much longer, since I was originally posting to ask about opinions of Isshinryu, not the particular school. However, since we are discussing this school as well and whether or not it could suck or be awesome I thought I'd mention this post by henshinx in the other Ishinryu thread by 1point2 that Petter linked. I'm still working my way through that thread.

    No BS MMA and Martial Arts - View Single Post - Bad Isshinryu, Less-Bad Isshinryu, How to Fix it.

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    Mine isn't very delusional (lol).

    I trained with a little bit of boxing and a year of Kyokushin.

    Our Isshin-Ryu is mostly self-defense, attaining the infamous non wide stances and vertical punches.

    The punches suck compared to boxing, but we aren't here for one strike one kill.
    Our teacher taught us multiple strikes, etc. (IE hit him in the groin, the head goes down, so elbow him in the temple, **** like that).

    The self-defense is good because he is a Vietnam Vet and trained with the Korean marines and stuff.

    I like Isshin-Ryu, the sparring isn't like Kyokushin, but I feel it's more modern.

    I felt Kyokushin's strikes were more primitive, oddly. IE hands from the hips for striking, backfists, down blocks...

    My 2 cents from a n00b lurker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pokeroo View Post
    So I'm going to be going to University in Windsor, ON, for 12 months, and I'll have to quit my muay thai / mma training that I currently do in Toronto. Since the martial sports available on campus are listed as "Kayaking, Aikido, Tae kwon Do, Karate, Wing Chun Kung Fu" I figured I might get a little more out of looking for martial arts off campus. So I did some google searching and found 1 judo, a few BJJ places, some mma/boxing/kickboxing places, and some Ishin Ryu places.

    I won't write off Ishin ryu right away. Since is currently down and the search function doesn't really return anything meaningful I thought I'd ask your opinions of Ishin Ryu. I'll go down there and check it out but I thought I'd try and get some useful background info, preferably peoples personal experiences.

    Here are my impressions so far: I like that when they demonstrate kata they show applications of the kata. Some of the teachers seem pretty badass, particularely the one from this school. There are some videos of him kicking ass in competition on the website. However this guy was trained in kyokushin too.

    Other than that I'm a bit concerned about what I've read about thumb placement in punches as I have a rather large thumb in proportion to the rest of my hand and wrapping it around my fingers seems to be the only way for it to avoid getting caught when punching bare handed. I have also read that the Okinawans dislike Ishin-ryu and see it as American karate, but I don't really care about that.
    I'm a little confused as to whether the school you are considering joining is Mady's or not. If it is, go. Try the judo, kickboxing/MMA and BJJ schools too. If the school you're looking at is not Mady's, then try the judo and BJJ places, and if you insist on trying the non-Mady Isshinryu school, be very careful of bullshit.

    (Disclaimer: In terms of learning to fight, I wasted years in an Isshinryu dojo.)

    If I were to try an Isshinryu school, which I probably wouldn't, here's what would be going through my head:

    If the school spars hard, and spends more time sparring and learning sparring technique than doing kata and one-steps (whatever they call them) and wristlocks, then it's probably fine. Otherwise they probably suck.

    If they spar for fifteen minutes or more with Kyokushin rules or similar, great.
    If they talk about hitting to the groin then when they bend over hit them in the temple then do some wacky takedown that's never been seen in judo, bad.
    If you find yourself punching air, bad.
    If you find yourself hitting Thai-style pads, good.
    If you find yourself standing off, hands chambered (no matter where they are chambered), pausing before throwing a single punch that your opponent will deflect in a regimented pattern, bad.
    If you do standing joint locks, leave.
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