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    Asheboro, North Carolina
    BJJ - Muay Thai

    Team ROC Greensboro, NC

    Greensboro Instructor: Laban Propst
    Class Times:
    Monday (travel) night: meet at gym at 5:30-til done
    Wednesday: 8pm-10pm
    Friday: 7pm-9pm
    Saturday: (open mat) 12:30-2:30
    Possible tuesday night muay thai class coming too.

    We have quite a bit of mat space now, and class sizes have been increasing lately. We have gotten new mats (more mat space than before) and now we are working a lot of wrestling and takedowns to go along with jiu jitsu. So far since I have been there we have done all no gi training. Though the other team roc schools do a lot of Gi training, so you can go there also if you wanted to do some gi work. My favorite thing about Team Roc is the people there and the instructor. Everyone there has good attitudes and its just a good atmosphere to train in.

    Been going here about 5 months. I really like this school and I enjoy training there. Classes are currently held in a golds gym, but their is talk of us possibly moving to our own location. Another great thing is that once you are a Team ROC member you can go to any of the other team roc schools too which are all great. I also went to the charlotte (harrisburg) school once and loved it, I hope to go train down there as often as possible too!

    Team R.O.C (reality of combat)- The main school I believe is Fayetteville, NC and the head Instructor I think is Greg Thompson

    P.S. And I put that there are no kid classes, but there are actually kids there, they are just in the adult class but they get some special attention and get to work amongst themselves.
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