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    Quote Originally Posted by Mider999 View Post
    And yet your still on my threat arent you? Dont you have somewere to be? Isnt it feeding time around your house, im sure they found some road kill youd like to feast on isnt that what the horse you put is for?
    Again, I would explain it to you but you're fucking retarded. I would still be on "your" thread. Not your threat. I don't have "somewhere" to be, because it's the internet. I can always go somewhere else and come back and you'd still be losing an argument. Remember you can always make the attempt at saying that to my face and let everybody see me beat you down after the fact or you could admit you fucked up and maybe show a bit of honor and suck it up and show some humility. Either way you are a fucking douche bag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mider999 View Post

    The thing is When i asked Mr Cecchine who teaches hooking in Los Angeles, He tells me to ask Erik Paulson so i ask Erik Paulson he gives me two people one is Gene Lebell one of Tony Cecchine's teachers and the other man is from the Inosanto Academy.

    The thing is Gene Lebell i think is retired but his top student GOKOR does teach. I asked Mr Cecchine if Mr Gokor is good at hooking. He replied that Gokor is good at what he does but doesnt do hooking and that i should go to Chicago to learn catch wrestling.

    So im super confused. ]
    Let me clear things up for you.

    A few of years ago, a guy called my school asking if we taught "real hard style karate". I told him I didn't know what he meant, but we had private instructors that could pretty much do anything and asked him to describe the type of training he wanted. He said he wanted to wear a camouflage gi, while someone punched and kicked him full force until he couldn't take anymore. He was adamant that he didn't want to learn how to punch or kick, that he only wanted to kicked and punched. After that he was hopeful he could progress to people grappling and submitting him.

    I politely told him I didnít think we couldnít provide the type of training he was looking for and referred him to a friend of mine, who promptly continued the chain and referred him to someone else. This guy quickly became a running joke, and eventually, somewhat of a legend in our area. A couple of months ago, the guy came back around to me, so I sent him around the loop one more time.

    Youíre that guy.

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