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    Is this school reputable? (Gracie Barra)

    I was looking up some martial art schools in my area, and came across this:


    The martial art practiced is BJJ.

    For some reason, it seems too good to be true. The head instructor, named Josh Russell, is apparently the first Canadian to receive a black belt under Master Carlos Gracie Jr. When I read that, I immediately Google'd that name, and it turns out that Carlos Gracie Jr. is a 7th degree black belt. Not only that, but the man comes from a highly respected family in the BJJ community. If this is legit, obviously this is going to be a great school to join.

    Maybe I'm just a paranoid dumbass or something, but for some reason this seems too good to be true. I say this because scams like this aren't uncommon these days... Do any of you think it's legit? I would love to call them and ask questions, but I really don't know the right questions to ask in attempt to evaluate the legitimacy of the school. D:


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    Generally if a guy has his lineage of training readily accessible, the school is legitimate. Especially with BJJ as it doesn't go back quite so far as traditional martial arts.

    There is actually a sticky about what to ask in a school, but in the case of a Gracie Barra, you already kinda know its legit. So really when you go in make sure that the classes and open mat times are convenient for you, and ask about their pricing policies. Most places will want you to sign a contract, make sure you read it and its right for you. See if they have an outside company doing the billing or if they do it themselves If they offer you a discount for buying a gi from them, check prices to make sure its actually a deal. Ask about belt testing fees and what happens if you dont like the school and want to void your contract early


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